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Whether you’re looking to get the world’s attention or just make enough money to keep making music, here at Gorilla Music Management we are ready to help you carry out your dreams. Gorilla Music can help your band get better shows, help you sell those shows out, and help you to make more money—but that’s just the beginning!

Gorilla Music Management is based out of Cleveland, Ohio, and has been working with bands all across the country of all genres. From metal bands to hip-hop artists, Gorilla Music Management can help you take your project to the next level.

Not sure how to get shows in other cities? Gorilla Music can help book you in cities outside of your own. We put on concerts and events in over 80 major cities and over 100 venues all across the U.S. Unsure of how to improve your live shows? We know the tips and tricks that can turn your band from cardboard cut-outs propped in front of microphones to full-on rock stars in front of a crowd. And let’s not forget about the importance of expanding your fan base.  We can help you reach out to new potential fans as well as strengthen your band’s bond with your fans to convert them into die-hard followers of your music.

But that’s STILL not all! Everyone knows the importance of having recorded music to keep your fans connected with your band when you’re not playing a live show. Gorilla Music can help you improve the quality of your songs, then show you how to record on a budget and release your own records. We can also help you set up your own merchandising company to help fund your band as well as turn all of your fans into walking, talking billboards for your music.

Gorilla Music Management’s Artist Management program is a one-of-a-kind experience for bands and groups of any genre. With over 50 years of collective experience in the music industry, Gorilla Music’s Management team has the knowledge and skills to teach your band how to make success for yourselves in this business. Bands signed up as part of the management program also have access to Gorilla Music’s graphic design team, who can help you design new logos, merchandise, album art, and more.

But what if one of your band members is acting manager of the band? That’s great! We will work in conjunction with your present manager or management staff to bring further quality and value to your band—after all, the bigger your team, the better! For more information on the Gorilla Music Management program and the exciting things it can offer your band, please visit our sign up page for a free consultation with us today!

When you work with Gorilla Music, we help you create and establish a plan for success.  We help you set up realistic goals as well as critique your music and its marketability. When you’re ready, we can help you set up your tour and show you how to get press and airplay along the way. As we help you build your team and name recognition in the marketplace, your band’s brand will grow right before your eyes.

Gorilla Music & EagleOne Ent. Event Photos

Gorilla Music Managment- Cleveland Music Fest - Cloud Nine CollapseGorilla Music - Cleveland Music Fest - One Days NoticeGorilla Music Management - Cleveland Music Fest - A Story To UnfoldGorilla Music Management - Cleveland Music Fest - K-Tek

Check out the Gorilla Music homepage for more photos from Gorilla Music events and Gorilla Music Management bands both past and present!

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Go to our Sign Up page to fill out a submission form for you and your band. Sign up for more information and we’ll get in contact with you for a free consultation. Find out if your band is ready to take the next step towards becoming one of the biggest bands in your town! You can also visit one of the many club pages to submit your band to get booked to a Gorilla Music event in a city near you! Gorilla Music puts on shows in some of the most amazing clubs in the country, like Agora in Cleveland, Santos Party House in New York City, World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, The Waiting Room in Omaha, and The Curtain Club in Dallas- and that barely scratched the surface!

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Check out the Gorilla Music Management Roster page for updates and info on all your favorite Gorilla Music Management bands. Don’t forgot to check out the bands’ websites and social networking sites while you’re at it!

Rock Your City

Find out more about Rock Your City, co-authored by John Michalak and Dan Cull of Gorilla Music and Rock X Records.

Fueled by John and Dan’s years of experience in the music industry, Rock Your City: 5 Steps to Becoming the Biggest Band in Town is full of advice for bands on how to effectively network and promote, how to book and prepare for shows, how to make the best of your practice time, and much, much more.

Rock Your City is the first book of its kind and a must-read for not only musicians, but also for managers, agents, talent buyers, club owners, and anyone plugged into the music industry. Available for a limited time, you can check out the first chapter of Rock Your City courtesy of Gorilla Music Management. You can also purchase your copy of Rock Your City at Rock Your City Books or Amazon today.

Not enough to intrigue you? Gorilla Music is now offering an yet ANOTHER except from the book, and here it is: Use T-shirts to Grow

Groups constantly ask me what I think are the best ways to promote their group. By now, if you’ve been following along, you’ve probably realized that I don’t believe you can promote an unknown local group. I believe the only way to grow a local group’s following is for the group to network, which is why T-shirts are so important for local groups. As a local group, you need to buy and sell as many T-shirts as possible. Use every opportunity you have to sell them. A T-shirt is a walking, talking billboard—with the emphasis on talking.

Now, a billboard is great promotional tool for anyone that is selling a product that is widely known in the marketplace. For an unknown artist, a billboard on some crowded highway would be completely ineffective in helping them connect with a new audience.
In fact, it would be more useful as a publicity stunt than a promotional tool, if there was some way a local group could afford to advertise in that manner.
Lots of cars will drive by and see the billboard, but it would be forgotten quickly. It might build a mild level of name recognition, but it won’t generate any record sales or sell any tickets to their shows.

How could it possibly help? Of coarse it can’t. The people who drive by would have no idea what that group’s music sounded like, and they probably wouldn’t even realize what it was advertising. How could they? Music is subjective, intangible and difficult to describe in words, even with a picture and a snappy tag line.

When a billboard is used to promote an artist or an upcoming tour, it is for a group that everyone probably knows, so the billboard doesn’t need to describe that group’s music because consumers are already familiar with it. All that a billboard does is make everyone aware of a known artist’s upcoming tour or new record release. It cannot do the same for a group that no one has ever heard of before. A billboard will fail in promoting your band, just as an ad in the paper would fail, or any other advertising campaign that uses pictures or words to promote a product. Any advertising campaign that does not have the ability to showcase a group’s music repeatedly will be ineffective.

A T-shirt is a completely different story altogether. It’s like a mini billboard, except it can talk. Well, it can’t technically talk, but the person wearing it can! And, if they made the effort to buy your band’s shirt and wear it, then they are also likely to speak highly of your group.
If, through some technological miracle, a billboard had the ability to tell every passerby what your band was about and that your band was awesome, then that billboard would be a huge promotional tool.

People are curious by nature. I would be willing to bet that most people checking out a billboard with an unfamiliar band on it would ask, “What the heck is that about?” Well, that’s exactly what happens when your fans start buying your T-shirts and wearing them around town. They become walking, talking, word-spreading billboards. The more talking billboards your group has that can tell people about your band, the better. In my first successful local group, we sold over 100 T-shirts before we ever played a show. If you haven’t sold at least 100 T-shirts by now, then get on it right away, because word of mouth isn’t the only reason T-shirts are so important.

(ROCK YOUR CITY: 5 STEPS TO BECOMING THE BIGGEST BAND IN TOWN Copyright © 2012 by GORILLA MUSIC & GORILLA PUBLISHING All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author)

If that’s not enough for you, you can also purchase Rock Your City on Amazon and on the Gorilla Music homepage. Just as Gorilla Music is now offering our management department to bands all across the country, we’ve written Rock Your City in an attempt to help local bands everywhere take the next step in their musical careers. For more information, visit the Gorilla Music website or contact a Gorilla Music rep today!

Gorilla Music Festivals

Gorilla Music and it’s sister companies put on some of the biggest local music fests in the country. These music festivals are often attended by music industry figures and A&R representatives from assorted record labels from all around the U.S. Working with Gorilla Music Management gives bands and artists the opportunity to showcase at these landmark events and perform for huge crowds. But there are other amazing music festivals taking place around the U.S., too.

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